Do I need to enlist or commit to a specific number of years of service to apply?

As a civilian employee of the DHA, you are not required to enlist. In most cases, unless you are eligible for and accept a monetary recruitment bonus, relocation bonus, etc., you will not be required to commit to specific number of years of service.

Are there any age requirements?

Defense Health Agency positions generally do not have age restrictions. 

What are the basic qualifications needed to be considered for a job opening?

For a qualification to be “job-related,” “the employer must demonstrate that the qualification standard is necessary and related to ‘the specific skills and physical requirements of the sought-after position.

1. Degree

You must list your educational institution, degree conferred, concentration, month/year of achievement, and internship data on your resume.

2. Specialized Experience

 To qualify, applicants must possess one year of specialized experience.

3. Licensure

 Applicants must possess a current, valid, and unrestricted license. You must list your licensure, license number, and the licensing body.

The experience described in your resume will be evaluated and screened for the Office of Personnel Management's basic qualification requirements, and the skills needed to perform the duties of the position as described in the vacancy announcement.

Resumes are rated using Category Rating procedures. If you meet the minimum qualification requirements based on your possession of job-related skills, your resume will be placed in one of three categories:

1. Best Qualified

2. Highly Qualified

3. Qualified.

Within these categories, applicants eligible for veterans' preference will receive selection priority over non-veterans.

How do I apply?

You are able to search specific careers  by keywords and/or by location. Applications may be submitted electronically by clicking on ‘Apply for this job online’ within the job description. Be sure to find the section that says “New Candidates” unless you have previously applied to a job on our site.


What is the best way to get in contact with someone?

Submitting an inquiry through the contact us function on the homepage sends an email directly to one of the Defense Health Agency recruiters who will respond within 24-48 hours.


When can I expect to receive an update on my application?

A Defense Health Agency recruiter will receive a confirmation that an application was received immediately following your submission. We will then review the information in your resume or CV and other documents in your profile, and pass your application along to the hiring manager responsible for the positions and locations you selected.

The next step is up to the hiring manager. If he or she has a position for which you qualify, you should expect contact from that person.


Do I have to get a license in another state or country to work for the Defense Health Agency as a civilian?

No. If you have a valid, unrestricted license to practice your specialty in any U.S. state or territory, you are eligible to use the license to practice and work in DHA hospitals worldwide.


Can I work overseas?

Yes, but overseas positions are difficult to obtain.

Most overseas positions are advertised and filled internally in order to give current employees the opportunity to apply first. The Defense Health Agency sends approximately 100 new resumes to our overseas Human Resources Departments each month, so the competition is very high and the employee turnover is relatively low.


Why do you have job postings and advertisements for jobs that are filled?

We do our best to keep our job postings current. However, some jobs are filled very quickly.  For example, we may commit to running an ad for the upcoming publication, and before the ad can run, we find a candidate.