Facility Resources

Recruiters and hiring managers affiliated with the U.S. Defense Health Agency can access marketing and media materials to support their local and regional recruitment efforts in this section of the website. The following files will be available for download and use for career fairs, public relations, advertising or internet-based recruitment efforts. If you have not received an access password for the protected files, please contact us or email your Defense Health Agency representative.

Protected File Access for Facilities:

Download Medical Brochure (2020): Includes bi-fold brochure to download, print and display as needed at events.

Download Fonts: Includes fonts used in marketing materials. The fonts included are the Univers and font families. Please refer to our Graphic Standards (above) for font use rules and examples.

Download Business Cards: Includes PDFs of Business cards.

Download Benefits Materials: Includes Physicians Benefits flyer.

Download Opportunity Card: Includes opportunity card Adobe file.

Download Pop-up Banner: Includes PDF.