U.S. Army Medicine Civilian Corps Attends Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference

5/02/13 (Thu)

The Civilian Corps of the United States Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) attends Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Ill. The event will be held at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel May 2-4. Event attendees will have the opportunity to interact with Civilian Corps representatives and learn about the rewarding career opportunities for civilian behavioral health professionals to provide health care to military personnel, beneficiaries and their families without military requirements.

“The Civilian Corps is ramping up recruitment efforts in coordination with Army Medicine’s efforts of implementing Embedded Behavioral Health Teams at army hospitals and clinics nationwide,” says Dr. Joseph Harrison, Chief, Recruitment and Retention, Headquarters U.S. Army Medical Command, Civilian Human Resources Division. “The Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference provides a great opportunity for us to connect with behavioral health care professionals, such as psychologists, who may be interested in civilian career opportunities.”

The Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) initiative is an Army-wide effort that improves access to behavioral health care for active duty Soldiers, better supports the mission readiness of the force and decreases the stigma of behavioral health care. An EBH Team, primarily made up of civilian providers, is integrated within the footprint of the unit it serves and is dedicated to that unit. Having a team of providers in such close proximity to the unit and involved in regular interactions with the soldiers and commanders allows for preventative care because providers are able to treat behavioral health concerns before they become more severe of an issue. The EBH model also allows providers to get to know their patients on a more personal level, ultimately establishing a trusting relationship and a rewarding career.

The Army Medicine Civilian Corps makes up approximately 60% of Army Medicine and provides exceptionally rewarding career opportunities for civilians to practice their medical specialty while serving those who serve their country. Civilian Corps employees are not subject to military requirements, such as enlistment or deployment, and receive excellent benefits, including flexible work schedules and access to state-of-the-art training and equipment. Interested individuals may learn more about career opportunities at more than 70 army hospitals and clinics worldwide by visiting the Civilian Corps online at

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