Walter Reed and Leaders from National Capital Region Defense Health Network Conclude Inaugural Joint Financial Assistance and Recovery Mission Seminar

4/22/24 (Mon)

Leaders from National Capital Region Defense Health Network, Defense Health Agency and Walter Reed Conclude Inaugural 4-Day Joint Financial Assistance and Recovery Mission Training

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Story by Vernishia Vaughn 

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center  



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Leaders from the Defense Health Agency, the National Capital Region (NCR) Defense Health Network, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center concluded a four-day training seminar, the Joint Financial Assistance and Recovery Mission (JFARM), held at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence on April 15 – 18, 2024.

The JFARM training seminar was designed to enhance clarity and identify critical issues within the military health system, focusing on MHS GENESIS — the Department of Defense's newly implemented health records system. Participants engaged in various functional breakout sessions focusing on coding, referral management, and the Uniformed Business Office, among other critical areas, to effectively address gaps within the data flow of information regarding the new electronic health records system.

Navy Cmdr. Douglas Cole, Walter Reed's Director of Resource Management, shared insights on JFARM's objectives, emphasizing its role in establishing a collaborative platform for stakeholders.

"The Joint Financial Assistance and Recovery Mission offers a valuable opportunity to establish multi-directional information flows across stakeholders," said Cole. "This is to provide clarity, identify issues and friction points, and advance resource and business imperatives in which both the Headquarters and Network/MTF have shared responsibility and interest."

When asked about the seminar's accessibility and its beneficiaries, Cole highlighted its wide-ranging benefits.

"JFARM is a collaborative engagement between the Defense Health Agency Headquarters, the National Capital Region Defense Health Network, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center staff," he said. It is designed to improve the delivery of care and optimize resources, benefiting both our dedicated staff and the wider community of beneficiaries."

Cole was optimistic about the expected training outcomes, saying that "the engagement and comprehensive analysis between functional champions will identify challenges and constraints associated with Revenue Cycle Management related to the MHS GENESIS workflow and data integrity challenges. Our goal is to employ solutions, tools, and success strategies to achieve strategic goals and objectives."

When asked on whether JFARM would be an ongoing initiative, Army Col. John Lee, Defense Health Agency, J8 Headquarters Element, said, "This is not a 'one and done', this is just phase one of many phases to come."

Cole also added that the training is the first stage of an iterative process focused on the performance of quality measures tied to financial success and sets the strategic direction for continuous improvement. He went on to highlight the importance of the four-day training seminar, especially in relation to MHS GENESIS and its broader implications.

"These initiatives provide an integrated partnership in identifying, categorizing, and recommending solutions for deep-rooted issues across the enterprise. This is foundational to our goals throughout the NCR and the Military Health System at large."

For both Lee and Cole, the commencement of the JFARM training seminar marks a significant milestone for Walter Reed and the entire military health system in ensuring optimal delivery of care and resource management through comprehensive training and collaborative efforts.

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